Suspensions keep tyres in contact with the road surface, and eliminates road shock.
Shock absorbers are a key part of the suspension system.

If shocks and struts were like air filters or tyres, you would immediately know when they’d gone bad. But they’re not. Suspension, shocks and struts can wear out gradually over time, simply from normal use.

If your car suspension, shocks are faulty your car will

  • Take longer to Stop
  • May Aquaplane on wet roads
  • Have Poor Handling

Steering, is your vehicle veering to one side when the steering wheel is straight, or if you can hear noises when your vehicle is turning, you may have a suspension issue or it may also be a Wheel Alignment issue.
We can check your suspension and shock absorbers on a specialised meter which identifies any faults. Leaking or worn shock absorbers can decrease braking efficiency and cause vehicles to fail WOF inspections.

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