Gearbox trouble most often announces itself through rough, noisey gear shifts. Autostop provide Gearbox service or repair depending on what your vehicle’s requirements are.

To completely repair a manual gearbox, it must be completely dismantled. Each component is then inspected one by one to ensure where the fault lies, then the damaged parts are completely replaced.

As the gearbox and clutch are interconnected, some of the following services may also be required.

Clutch Service – This involves checking the free play (adjustment) in the clutch cable and adjusting if necessary, checking the clutch fluid (hydraulic system) and road testing vehicle.

Clutch Repairs / Replacements – If your car clutch needs repairs or replacements we can diagnose and repair / replace if necessary.

You will find North City Motors mechanical services particularly convenient if you live or work around the following areas:

Porirua, Wellington, Tawa.

If your gearbox is affecting your car’s performance, feel free to call us for more advice.